Bike Demos

We are proud to offer some of the hottest and most exciting bikes in our 2018 demo fleet. Having trouble deciding on a new bike? A demo is a great way to see how a bike actually rides. Numbers on a spreadsheet can only tell you so much. Sometimes a bike is greater than the sum of its parts. 

Demos are $85 for a 24 hour period. Demo price can be applied to the purchase of a new bike.

Call 801-676-9136 to reserve your bike demo now.


Ibis Mojo HD4

Looking for the fastest all-mountain bike in the west? This is probably it. Just ask the Ibis EWS team. They seemed to do pretty well aboard the HD4 


Ibis Ripley LS

Like fast efficient bikes? Want a 29er that is playful and nimble? The Ripley LS might just be the most maneuverable wagon wheel bike out there.  

Mojo 3.jpg

Ibis Mojo 3

The plus bike for people who don't like plus bikes. The Mojo 3 is a quick and nimble bike ready for everything. It handles like a regular 27.5 bike, but with the added traction and float from chubby tires.


Ibis Hakkalugi

Is gravel grinding your thing? What about adventure rides? Thats what the Ibis Hakkalugi was made for. 


Rocky Mountain Element

Looking for a quick XC bike that can punch above its weight class? The Element does just that. It's fast both up and down.



Rocky Mountain Instinct

The Instinct is your bread and butter 29" trail bike. Thats not so say it's boring, it just means it's the kind of bike most of us should be riding.   


Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt

Looking for a playful 27.5" bike ready to hit every extra credit feature on the trail? The Thunderbolt has you covered.




Alchemy Arktos

Hometown hero and EWS racer, Cody Kelley, rides one. That should say enough.



Giant Reign

Looking for an enduro sled that can pull double duty at the bike park? The Giant Reign is made for going downhill... fast.