Featured Products - October 2018

featured products october

Normally we keep this to a list of accessories and components we’ve been using at the shop. This month we are going to mix it up and add some bikes to the list of featured products. We just can’t help ourselves. These are seriously some of the coolest bikes to roll through our doors.



giant trance 29

First things first — read/watch our review. This bike has been so much fun to ride on our local northern Utah trails. To give you an idea of how fun it is, after a dealer demo event, 4 of our employees bought this bike. It’s that good. It’s a short travel trail bike that rides much bigger than the 115mm or rear travel would suggest. Think Evil Following, but turn it up to 11. Don’t go thinking that this bike “feels like it has more travel than it really does.” It rides and feels like a short travel bike, but the trail bike geometry gives you way more confidence than most other bikes sporting less than 5” out back.

Because this is a Giant there’s some amazing value in most of the builds. The base build starts at $3000 for an aluminum frame, Eagle drivetrain and Fox suspension. From there it jumps to $4300 for a full carbon frame and wheels. Builds go all the way up to $8300 for the crème de la crème build dripping in carbon.


yeti sb 130

The quiver killer. The perfect addition to any quiver. The quiver of one. What the hell is a quiver anyway? Since when did mountain bikers become old-timey archers stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Can’t we just call this a fine bicycle that will do everything you want it to do? You could argue that the SB130 is the replacement for Yeti’s ever popular SB5.5. you could also argue that it isn’t. The 130 has less travel but slacker and longer geometry. In our opinion, geometry has more of an effect on how a bike rides than travel numbers alone. The SB130 just might be the perfect northern Utah trail bike. It rides with Yeti’s Switch Infinity so you know it pedals well. It’s got slack enough geo to ride the roughest trails. What else can you ask for? Oh yeah. It comes in a new-to-Yeti matte green finish called spruce. Now stick that arrow in your quiver and smoke it.


cush core tire insert

This is a game changer for those folks who can’t seem to keep air in their tires. (ahem… Shop Ambassador, Austin Tucker) Cush Core protects against pinch flats and wheel damage while providing sidewall support at lower tire pressures. It’s basically a wheel-shaped foam insert that goes on before the tire. Cush Core can make setup a little tricky (we can also install it for you), but the idea is once on, you’ll not have to take the tire off until it’s time to replace it.


honey stinger cracker and nut butter

Not much to say about these other than they’re delicious — like eat an entire box in one sitting delicious.


Reynolds TR S

Carbon wheels are one of those upgrades that can completely change the feel of your bike. They might not be the best investment in terms of weight savings alone. Read our best bang for your buck weight saving upgrades. In terms of ride quality though, they are probably one of the best upgrades you can make. They can make a bike feel much more lively, poppy and nimble. They can also be expensive to replace when they break. This is where Reynolds steps in. With a lifetime warranty that covers any damage while riding, you can rest assured your investment is safe when you’re plowing through rock gardens at a stupid pace. The TR S wheels come with a 5 degree engagement hub (read: top-of-the-line i9 hubs have a 3 degree engagement so 5 is pretty dang good.) The wheels ship with a decal kit to compliment almost any frame color (like the SB130 or Trance 29.) They also come with a 30 day grace period. You can ride the wheels for 30 days and if for some reason you’re unsatisfied, you can return them. Oh and did we mention the lifetime warranty?

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