Gift Guide For Your Favorite Cyclist — Under $50

mtb gift guide

Gifts for bikers can be tough. Unless a shiny new carbon bike fits your holiday shopping budget. Then it’s pretty easy — no one hates new bike day. If your budget looks a little more normal, here are 5 gift ideas for under $50.

pearl izumi thermal wool socks

Pearl Izumi Thermal Wool Sock $20 - Ahhh. The dreaded childhood Christmas gift — socks. Socks might be the favorite gift for any serious cyclist, though. Especially warm wool socks to fend of the frostbite during winter rides.

blackburn switch tool wrap

Blackburn Switch Multi Tool Wrap $44.99 - Gone are the days of mountain biking with a backpack. They’re heavy and tend to bounce around when you’re getting rad. The Blackburn tool wrap holds a tube, multi tool, CO2, inflator and tire levers. It tucks neatly under your saddle. If your tire buzzes the wrap at full suspension compression, the strap is also long enough to wrap around your frame somewhere. #enduro

blackburn dayblazer 400

Blackburn Dayblazer 400 and Click USB $44.99 - This one is all about safety. A 400 lumen headlight paired with a USB rechargeable rear light will make you extra visible on the road. Drivers tend to overlook cyclists anyway so this light combo has plenty of blinky, flashy and annoying modes to make sure you’re seen.

groundkeeper mud fender

Ground Keeper Fender $24 - Mud fenders make you look so enduro. But, they also serve a purpose. The keep mud, water and debris from flying up into your face and bike. They also tend to keep dust and dirt of your fork seals too. Added bonus: if you ride with a chest mounted action action camera, it will help keep the lens cleaner. Ground Keeper fenders will add at least 7 style points to your ride.

ergon ga2 fat

Ergon GA2 Fat Grips $29.95 - Old worn out grips suck. New grippy grips don’t suck. Especially when the new grips are Ergon GA2 Fat grips. Not only do they provide tons of grip, but the shape and thickness relieve a lot of pressure on your hands. Arm pump be damned.

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