Is ShockWiz Worth It?

Short answer - Yes. Long answer - read below.

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I’ve been running the Shockwiz on all my new bikes for this season. It makes it really easy to get that suspension dialed quickly. I hate messing and fussing with suspension for weeks only to question if it’s actually set up correctly. The data and suggestions from ShockWiz make it so much easier to get those squishy bits working perfectly.

ShockWiz has been around for a few years now. It received a mixed bag of reactions. Like most new products in the bike world, people loved it or hated it. The price wasn’t helping. When ShockWiz was released it sold for $399. Quarq has since dropped the price to $329. It’s still pretty spendy, but it’s hard to put a price tag on having a suspension tuning expert in your pocket on every ride. Plus for the data nerds out there, Shockwiz gives you some pretty cool numbers. If you haven’t heard much about it, ShockWiz is a small telemetry device you zip tie to your fork or shock. As you ride, it gathers information about how your suspension is performing. It will let you know things like if you need to add air or remove a volume spacer. It also gives suggestions on compression and rebound settings. And almost most importantly it keeps track of your total air time so you can brag to your friends.

Now back to the main question. Is ShockWiz worth it? Yes. If you are serious about riding bikes or even looking to race, ShockWiz can help you get the most out of your suspension. If you’re a casual rider it’s still probably worth it. Why? Your suspension is arguably one of the most important components on your mountain bike. You’d hope so at least — it’s not cheap. Getting your suspension working properly can make or break your bike. Having a poor suspension setup can make your bike feel slow, sluggish and non responsive. It can also make that same bike feel jarring and difficult to control.

There’s two ways I see riders using ShockWiz. First is the rental. If you’re more of a casual rider who goes through one bike every few years, then it makes most sense just to rent a ShockWiz when you get your new bike. Use it for a few rides, get your suspension dialed and you’re only out $50. Now if you’re more serious and possibly race, or you just go through multiple bikes a year, then owning a ShockWiz probably makes a little more sense. You’ll have one to get your suspension set up perfectly for that weekend enduro on trails you’ve never ridden. You’ll also have one to tune that new bike (or 4) you get every year.

ShockWiz isn’t perfect however. Some people like firm suspension, others like soft. Suspension setup can vary drastically between two riders on the same bike. ShockWiz doesn’t exactly know your preferences and the preset baselines can be a little vague. For the most party I just set mine to the balanced setting and then make tweaks based on actual ride feel from there. I’ve been really happy with this process so far.

We offer ShockWiz rentals for $50/week as well as a complimentary one week rental on full-suspension bike purchases over $4000.

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