OneUp Components EDC Tool.


We are really excited about this one at the shop. We've ordered a bunch of OneUp Components EDC tool systems. If you haven't seen these already they are pretty slick. It's an innovative way to carry and store the essential tools you need for most trailside fixes.


The tool itself fits inside your steerer tube using a special top cap to hold it in place. The tool includes hex keys from 2-8mm, T25 Torx, flathead screwdriver, chain breaker, tire lever, quick link opener, quick link storage, spoke wrenches (0,1,2,3) valve core tool, spare chainring bolt and CO2 canister storage. Phew. All that fits inside your steerer tube — it's pretty wild.


Installing the top cap and tool requires that you remove the star nut inside your current steerer tube. Without the star nut in place, you'll need to cut threads into the top of your steerer tube so the new top cap can attach. OneUp Components sells a star nut removal tool and tap made for this process. We have one at the shop and will gladly save you the flop sweat and stress and install the system for you for $15.   

Conor BarryComment