Best SLC Trails for Spring Riding

Spring is a fickle beast here in Salt Lake City. The warm weather gets folks jonesing to ride bikes, but a lot of the trails are still muddy or buried in snow. And, you had better watch out — the mud police are out in full force this time of year.

We've compiled a list of some low altitude mountain bike trails that are quick to dry out, handle wet weather well and are generally the first to open up in spring.


little cottonwood canyon

Most Utah dirt is dry, nasty stuff that turns to peanut butter when wet. It then dries and leaves bad ruts that can last all season. The Quarry trail might actually be best during a rainstorm, however. It's mostly decomposed granite with a really sandy texture that handles moisture very well. The quarry is basically a double track with a few single track offshoots here and there. For the most part its a nice climb to spin the legs and a quick descent back to the parking lot. It'd nothing to write home about, but when you're dying to get out for a ride it can be one of the only rideable trails. Watch out for hikers and other trail users— It gets pretty busy after work.  





Bobsled is a Salt Lake City classic. Tucked into a gully in the foothills above the city it's a popular after work ride to get your fix. There are multiple access points but most folks start at Dry Creek. Upper Bobsled is a tight twisty bit of trail that can get pretty exciting when you're really going for it. The middle section is where the name comes from. The huge banked walls of the gully make up the bobsled style turns. Watch out — they get a little loose when it's dry. The bottom section is where all the features, jumps and drops are. It's a great place to build up confidence and skills for bigger features. 


Eagle Mountain Trail System

eagle mountain

Eagle Mountain is always GTG — or so the saying goes. In all seriousness, Eagle Mountain is good to ride pretty much any time. It gets less snow, rain and moisture than the rest of the valley. The trails handle water really well and there's a ton to ride out there. A lot of work has been done out there in the last few months. it seems like there are new trails almost every month. Most of the trails are cruisy blue and green trails, but thats not to say they aren't fun. If they're not exciting enough, just ride faster. Some of the trails that drop off to the east are a lot rougher and have some exciting features, but as of today they are closed to all trail users. Word on the street is, they are working to get it opened back up.  


Corner Canyon - Ghost Falls North > Rattler

corner canyon

Ahh Corner Canyon, Cupcake Canyon, Carpet Canyon — The land of many names. For what it's worth, we are all pretty lucky to have Corner Canyon. It's free (for anyone who doesn't live in draper; taxes), has plenty of variety and a lot of trails to get your early season miles in. Some of the north facing stuff like Canyon Hollow and shaded trails take longer to dry out, but Rattler, Ghost Falls below the falls and Jacobs ladder usually dry out pretty quick. You can make some fun laps out there and get some flat, off-camber corner practice in on Rattler trail. Plus the foul weather usually keeps the crowds away. 


We probably left your favorite spring time trail off the list. What is your favorite trail to hit when spring rolls around?

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