Oneup Components Dropper Review

oneup dropper review

Oneup Dropper Review

If it's not obvious, we are big fans of OneUp Components here at the shop. We love the EDC tool, their composite flat pedals and now the newly-released dropper. I bought the biggest one they make without even measuring to see if it would fit. That's because it has a user adjustable drop length. Meaning you can change the drop height from 170 to 128.99 (their words, not ours) if you so choose. The best thing about it is you can run the biggest drop your frame and leg combo will allow. Luckily I'm able to run the full 170mm drop on my bike. But, let's say my legs were 30mm shorter, I could change the drop to 165mm (or any number between 170-120) to accommodate for my freshly shortened legs. 

Oneup Dropper post review

Apart from having adjustable drop, the OneUp dropper is one of the shortest dropper posts for the mount of drop on the market. That means you can probably run a longer dropper than what you have now. Also, the cartridge is fully sealed and user serviceable, so no more waiting 3 weeks for your dropper to come back from the manufacturer if it breaks. Just open up the dropper and replace the cartridge. Oh and did I mention, the dropper is only $250 with a lever?

Setup was the easiest of all the droppers I've installed. The cable actuated post is fixed at the lever on the handlebar making things clean and easy. The cable barrel sits directly inside the mechanism at the bottom of the post — no tiny part to lose like with other droppers.


Oneup Dropper vs Fox Transfer

After a few rides with the new dropper, it works a lot like the Fox Transfer (read gold standard of dropper posts) I've had on my past four bikes. The action of the Oneup is smooth and the increased drop length makes a noticeable difference. It's hard to come up with things to say about a dropper post other than it drops when you hit the lever and returns when you push it again. It works and it works well. And that's about all you can ask. One thing to note, I measured the actual drop of the post and it comes up a little short of 170mm. It's somewhere in the 165-167mm range depending on where you measure.

*At the time of this original review the Fox Transfer maxed out at 150mm. Now they offer a 175mm drop. This extra drop comes at a price though. The Fox is one of the longest droppers for the drop length on the market. Make sure to measure before you buy.


Oneup Dropper Long Term Review

We don't have enough time on ours to attest to its long-term reliability, but knowing that it comes from OneUp we are guessing it stands the test of time. They are one of the most exciting and innovative bike brands around (Even though I wish I was, I'm not paid to say that.)

* Long term update. I ran the Oneup dropper for an entire season. I put 1000+ miles on the it. I’m kind of a dropper freak too. I use it — a lot. If i’m pedaling, it’s up. If I’m going to be coasting for the next foreseeable future, the dropper gets slammed. What I’m trying to say is, my dropper posts tend to see a lot of use. After a full season of riding, the Oneup meets all my expectations of a dropper post — it goes up and down smoothly without complaint. I did have to put air in it once after flying across the country with my bike. Not sure if that’s an issue/complaint but it did happen. I haven’t had to swap a cartridge or pull the thing apart for any service.

Oneup Dropper long term review
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