Featured Products - July 2018

featured july

We are bringing you some of our favorite products from the shop. Some of these are staples, others are hot, new items we just picked up. Stop by and check them out.

Groundkeeper Fenders -

Ground Keeper Fenders pizza

Mud fenders don't always make a ton of sense for Utah riding. We aren't blessed with the option of riding in the wet like the lucky folks in the PNW. They are great for looking like an endurbro, though. They keep your fork seals/stanchions cleaner, especially in dusty conditions. Added bonus, if you like to ride with a GoPro they help keep you lens a little cleaner. Groundkeeper came up with the idea we are all wish we would have come up with long ago — cool designs on fenders. Their designs range from artsy fartsy to La Croix knock offs called Le Crud. 


Oneup Components EDC -

One Up EDC tool

This has to be one of our favorite accessories in the shop. It's one of the most innovating tools on the market. Riding with a backpack is about as annoying as it gets. The EDC tool hides inside your steerer tube so you have everything you need right at the tip of your fingers instead of floating around inside of a sweaty, bouncing backpack. The tool includes everything you need for trailside wrenching. Read our full review about it here. We will even do the scary part and thread your steerer tube for you.


Rock N Roll Gold -

rock n roll gold chain lube

Moon dust. The two words that perfect describe mountain biking in the dead of summer. You definitely don't want to be using a wet lube on your drivetrain with 6" of dust coating the trails. That dust will soon be coating your chain, cassette and crankset. Go with a lightweight dry chain lube like Rock N Roll Gold. It goes on clean and stays clean. Just make sure to reapply more frequently than you would with your old-school wet lube.


Pearl Izumi Launch Jersey -

pearl izumi launch

July is the hottest month of the year in Utah with temps averaging 90. It's not the month for riding in your ever so stylish merino wool henley. The Pearl Izumi Launch Jersey is about as breathable as a jersey gets without showing the world that rocking dad bod. The mesh fabric keeps you nice and ventilated on those dog days. Pearl's new colors and styling are on point this year. Gone are the days of riding bikes in fluorescent pajamas. The subdued colors and and athletic cut will have you looking good on the trail. 

Make sure to stop by and check out our featured products fo July. We will have another set rolling out next month, so stay tuned. 

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